About Us



Welcome To CraftStack


             CraftStack offers a unique and exciting online marketplace for buyers and sellers of handmade products. Sellers, or Vendors, are welcome to join us and create store fronts for their business and list their products. CraftStack is here to give customers the wonderful opportunity to find quality, handmade products or gifts. Customers may also contact any seller they like and have a custom item made exactly how they like it. There are no limits! CraftStack offers a unique hands-on feeling between the sellers and customers that you won't find elsewhere. The passion that each and every seller has is just unbelievable and the customer service that is demanded from each vendor will leave you wanting more.  We are confident that any customer will be blown away by the quality of products available and the vast product selection.



For Sellers:

We give artists a safe and heartfelt place to sell their products with a full support and marketing team behind them to assist in every way. Everyone who is apart of CraftStack has a love and passion for handmade products.  We strive to provide customer possibilities to all sellers whom span from the USA to China; Germany to Iceland; Israel to Japan and Australia to the North Pole, and every other person in between! CraftStack has been built upon one thing to make the selling experience better for everyone, and that one thing is SIMPLICITY.


Of course we recommend, and can't emphasize enough, that all vendors need to market themselves. However, our team here at CraftStack does LOTS of outside marketing. We are actively building a large following of Twitter followers, Facebook Like's, and Pintrest followers. We also do many PR submissions out to every News wire, News Station, and Paper in the United States. The promotion we provide all of our vendors all by its self is alone well worth the small monthly fee we charge! Our team at CraftStack is here to fully support everyone in every capacity that we can. We are able to be reached either by phone or email and we will assist any of our vendors with anything needed!


For Everyone Who's Shopping:

         We make it easy for you! We’ve put together a collection of some of the finest artisan’s in the world, so we, and they, can provide all of you wonderful items and products. You will find things here that Amazon, eBay, or Wal-Mart just will simply NEVER have. You can send a message to any of the seller’s here at CraftStack and request a custom item to be made for you, or you can find something you really like and ask them to put your initials on it! We are all about creativity, quality, and uniqueness. Every seller is here because they love what they do and each of them will ensure to make your shopping experience memorable, because after all, you will fall in love with the very first item you purchase!

Some Words On How We Work:

         What’s great about shopping with CraftStack is your purchasing and communicating directly with the folks who create and make what you are purchasing. If you have any special requests, you can speak directly with the vendor and come to an agreement that works for both of you. Each vendor has their own return and/or exchange policy. Just make sure you check out each seller’s policies. All of our vendors will be more than happy to fix or replace that once in a thousand item that something terrible happens to during the delivery process. Just make sure you ask any questions you have so you have a great understanding of how they operate! CraftStack accepts NOTHING less than full honesty to all customers and a commitment from each seller to handle their customer service professionally and appropriately. It’s really amazing to be able to shop for exactly what you want, and get it darn near every time. We will caution you, shopping on CraftStack will become an addiction!